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We strive to maintain professionalism, integrity, trust and ethics in our business. We want to build a strong partnership with our customers and our manufacturers. We strive to perform our work to the best of our ability everyday.

Air Products and Controls
Name: Air Products and Controls
Product: Manufacturer commercial duct smoke detectors
Manufacture commercial duct smoke detectors, carbon monoxide dectors, remote accessories and multi voltage controls relays.
Amcraft Inc.
Name: Amcraft Inc.
Product: Manufacturer of fiberglass duct cutting tools
The original designer and manufacturer of fiberglass duct cutting tools. We offer a complete line of products for the Heating and Air Conditioning Industry (HVAC).
Cain Manufacturing
Name: Cain Manufacturing
Product: Flexible duct connector, damper hardware...
Whatever you need, from flexible duct connector, damper hardware, turning vanes and side rails... to adhesives, access doors, tools and roof expansion joint shields. Whenever you need it. Cain's the name. Get Cain quality, economy, and performance. And make installation easy on yourself.
Continental Fan Manufacturing
Name: Continental Fan Manufacturing Inc.
Product: Distributor of quality ventilation equipment
Established in 1986 as a manufacturer and distributor of quality ventilation equipment. Our objectives then were provide superior equipment, dependable service, competitive pricing, and a knowledgeable staff to satisfy our customers. They remain unchanged today.
Name: ECCO Manufacturing™
Product: Sheet Metal is our specialty
Since 1960, ECCO Manufacturing™ has established itself as one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of sheet metal products in North America. Our products are distributed through factory authorized distributors in Canada, the USA, and Internationally.
J. B. Plastics, Inc.
Name: J.B. Plastics Has been purchased by AquaCal
Product: AquaCal is the largest heat pump manufacturer for pools and spas in the world.
Since 1981, it has been our sincere belief that providing you with quality products and standing behind those products is our only path to success. We are the leader in our industry and have more pool and spa heat pumps installed than any of our competitors.
Kaplan Tanks
Name: Kaplan Tanks
Product: Compressed gas cylinders and equipment
For nearly half a century, Kaplan Industries, Inc. has been serving the world as the industry leader in the welding, beverage, and medical fields for compressed gas cylinders and equipment.
Refigeration Research
Name: Refrigeration Research
Product: Manufacturer of high quality refrigeration parts and equipment.
A manufacturer of high quality refrigeration parts and equipment. Recognized in the refrigeration industry for their high capacity accumulators.
Name: RLX Refrigerants
Product: Complete Line of Refrigerants
RLX is a multinational company with over 10 years of experience and experts in refrigerants. Operating throughout the American continent we present to the market a complete line of products with high quality and guarantee of origin. Check out our complete line of refrigerants.
Refigeration Research
Name: USAire
Product: Manufacturer of high quality refrigeration parts and equipment.
USAIRE offers a complete line of quality air distribution products for the residential and light-commercial markets. The USAIRE product offering includes residential grilles and registers, as well as a broad offering of light-commercial grilles, registers, and diffusers.

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